"WOW 2015, Gender, Gospel and Global Justice conference award for Feminist Ministry" 01.2016

Im Januar habe ich den "WOW 2015, Gender, Gospel and Global Justice conference scholarship for Feminist Ministry" erhalten.

So schreibt das Leitungskomitee des Women's Ordination Worldwide:
"The first of its kind, this award aims to support and empower women to pursue their ministries through formal education and feminist projects.
WOW applauds and recognizes your brave and eloquent efforts to share the story of your calling, as well as your optimism for the possibility of great change within the Roman Catholic Church. Your magnetism and energy inspire those around you, engage worldwide media attention, and bring hope to our mission of full equality for women in all ministries around the world.
WOW thanks you for your ministries and prays you will continue to share the mission of WOW with all those you encounter. We are so happy to be able to accompany you on your journey."

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